Early Years

Christine was raised in a household dedicated to education with both parents being professors. Having gone to a STEM focused public school, she went on to get her degree in Computer Engineering from Queen’s University. In college, Christine balanced her focus between her studies and her work in student government and education policy. In her senior year, she was student President representing 15,000 undergraduate students to the University administration and all levels of government. She led policy efforts across multiple universities and brought education policy to state and federal government.

Professional Life

After graduation, Christine was hired at Procter & Gamble as a Finance Manager and has been providing financial leadership there since 2005. She has had a number of roles at P&G over her tenure including managing the forecasting process for the largest business (Tide), the finance leader for P&G’s facilities & real estate globally, and most recently leading the long term strategy and innovation work for Charmin & Bounty.

Personal Life

Christine and her husband, Jason, live in Mt. Lookout with their two young boys (aged 2 and 4) and their dog. They love living in Cincinnati and enjoy spending time as a family at the Zoo, Hyde Park Farmers market, and all the wonderful parks that Cincinnati has to offer. Her passions include her family, music, hiking, cooking, and spreadsheets (yes, really!).