With over a decade experience as a finance manager and as a mother of two, Christine recognizes that It’s Time to Act to bring real solutions for the community.

It’s time for Growth

Christine will work to keep jobs and businesses in Greater Cincinnati competitive, while also making sure Ohio has an environment that supports small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Christine will continue to defend employees’ right to collectively bargain for wages and safe working conditions and fight vehemently against any attempt to weaken or restrict those rights.

Christine will make sure Ohio stays competitive by continuing to make sure the state has strong civil rights and protections for employees and job applicants.

It’s time for Excellence in Education

Christine will fight to ensure that each student in Ohio has access to quality, affordable education beginning with preschool. 

Christine will introduce legislation to make higher education more affordable by freezing tuition rates and making community college tuition free.

Christine will continue to work for transparency, accountability and to hold Charter schools up to the same standards as public schools.

It’s time for Strong Communities

Christine will advocate to fully fund the local government fund and make sure Ohio is fulfilling its promise to local communities.

Christine will work closely with local and federal policy makers to ensure that Greater Cincinnati has the resources to keep neighborhoods safe.

Christine supports women’s constitutional rights and reproductive freedom.